Sunday the 18 of Sept. 2017

Well the weather hasn’t turn yet with the HAM runway still boggy making the take off runs very long and the landing tricky.

There were a few people out running in new engines.
A Lochheed Sirius with a DLE 60 twin & Antony has put a 91 APS four stroke in his Porter.



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Saturday 26th August 2017 – Is winter over yet?

Well Malcolm was finally able to get the John Deere onto the field after a month & half of wet weather. Bring on the spring.

Antony had his 260 twins down for a fly. Which is best electric or petrol?

Also, the upcoming events page has been update.
Something to note is the Scale Comp coming up down at Matamata on the 14th of October. There was a good HAM member turn at this event in April.






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Sunday 30th of July – Auckland winter

Yes it is winter down at the HAM flying field with boggey conditions making the take off & landings a bit tricky.

On Sunday Antony was down running in a new 20cc engine on his larger Aeroworks ProX 260, a RCGF, seems to run alright.

Also the club has a new trainer, an electric`Valiant’ from Steve at Firebrand.







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Sunday 18062017 – low sun

Yes on Sunday the sun was nearly at it’s lowest for the year at midday making flyng interesting. And on Saturday morning it was the the low fog that was the problem.



Antony had his old mini SE 5a out for a fly early on Sunday morning.

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The 11th of July a sunny Sunday winter morning

Yes a few of the regulars were taking advantage of the great weather. There was also a number of new HAM member taking lessons.




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Sunday 22nd May


Some keen flyers were down at Highbrook last Sunday for a winter fly.
Some parts of the strip were flyable with the right aircraft.

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HAM members at Brian’s funeral


“Brian vampire on display”

A group of Highbrook member and other notable New Zealand model flyers were at Brian Borlands funeral this afternoon  paying their respects to a fellow HAM member and one of the founders of the Roskill club. It was a great moving service / tribute. Our thoughts are with this family. Keep flying high Brian, you will be missed.

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