Saturday 26th August 2017 – Is winter over yet?

Well Malcolm was finally able to get the John Deere onto the field after a month & half of wet weather. Bring on the spring.

Antony had his 260 twins down for a fly. Which is best electric or petrol?

Also, the upcoming events page has been update.
Something to note is the Scale Comp coming up down at Matamata on the 14th of October. There was a good HAM member turn at this event in April.






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2 Responses to Saturday 26th August 2017 – Is winter over yet?

  1. Alan L Green says:

    Hi there ,
    I have bought an nx5 heli and was wanting to find out about the club and maybe get some info/ help with the heli as I am not getting any response from aileron elevator servos and all switxh positions on 0 .
    if nothings switched on , what is stopping servo action .??
    Rest is mystery of cyclic mix , D/ r , exponential and flight mode or something needs to changed ????
    I am wondering why there is no servo action .
    I have taken heli to shop where i bought it so hopefully no charge for swapping modes on transmitter seen as how they sold it for heli .
    Alan .

  2. Alan come down to the HAM flying field one weekend and have a chat to us about the club
    (best bet Sunday AM). Note there isn’t many heli fliers in th club this year that could help you?

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