Welcome to the Highbrook Aero Modellers

Highbrook Aero Modellers, (HAM), is a sporting radio controlled model aircraft club
and we are here to foster and promote the building and flying of model aircraft. We
cater for sport fliers to competition, young and not so young, all genders, all styles
and all walks of life.

Model aircraft flying a great sport, and with a long history stretching back to 1954,
HAM enjoys the privilege of flying at the Highbrook Park off the end of Pukewiriki
Road, an Auckland city location, 17 km from the CBD, and 5 minutes from the
Southern Motorway at Highbrook Drive.

What we fly
Fixed wing aircraft.
Be basically we fly any kind of propeller, or ducted fan, fixed wing planes. It doesn’t
matter if they are made from foam, plastic, fibre glass, carbon fibre, balsa or
plywood. If it has wings, we love it.

Gas turbine jets
These are by individual permission of the committee only.

We have a dedicated helipad so that fixed wing and helicopters can fly at the same
time, or if you need a big chunk of sky, we fly heli’s on the main flight line too.

When we can fly
All members have to earn their basic wings, which we will help you with, and then
you can fly during the hours of daylight, every day of the week, so long as there are no
other special events.

So get in touch, join up, and become a member. Learn the great sport of competition
flying or fly because you love it.


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