Club History


Highbrook Aero Modellers was formerly Roskill Modellers The Roskill Model
Builders Club Inc.founded in September 1954.

In the Good old daysthere was a clubhouse with regular meetings, workshops and
a lot of scratch building of models was undertaken. It was probably fair to say that
the model building skills far outweighed the flying skills of most members in the
early days

Roskill Modellers had a number of flying sites over the years, but slowly over time
they were forced out due to the growth of population and housing in the suburban

A flying field with IC powered models does not make a great neighbour.
Technology has advanced significantly in recent years, with modern radios (transmitters) which are very reliable, and include lots of safety features such as
model match, failsafe, and great range.

Gyros are growing in popularity, not only in rotary wings models such as helicopters,
but also in fixed wing models.

There now are a great range of options available for those that are time poor and
want to fly as quickly as possible. From Entry level Foam models with Electric, right through to Composite ARF with large GAS powered engines and turbine powered jets.

There are some fantastic scale models including some amazingly detailed warbirds with radial engines. In 2008 the Highbrook Reserve was noticed and with the assistance of the Auckland Recreational Airparks Trust the site became available.

Roskill Modellers was officially changed to Highbrook Aero Modellers. The park is within the Auckland International Airport control zone, but a “Danger Area” was already in existence because of the gas turbine power station on the other side of the estuary. Once again the Auckland Recreational Airparks Trust assisted and a variation to the danger zone allowed R/C flying up to 900ft.

The Highbrook Model Airpark is available 7 days a week for members of Highbrook Aero Modellers, subject to compliance with all Club rules and conditions. The Highbrook Reserve is administered by the Highbrook Trust, and managed by Goodman Property.