Highbrook Aero Modellers (Inc)
Pukekiwiriki Place, Highbrook.

Our club is located at.
Access off the western end of Pukekiwiriki Pl
thru the gates.
Refer to the location/map tab above.

Flying is permitted on any day from sunrise to sunset. Please keep noise to a minimum before 9am. Noise levels MUST be  kept within the Auckland Council requirements all ALL Times.

The committee for 2023 / 2024 :

President : Corey Westhall –

Vice President : Mark Newman –

Secretary/ Treasurer/Membership : Tony Smith-

Club Captain: Ron Wilson

Safety Officer: Allister Girvan –

Behram Bajan  –  Kaden Newman  –  Stewart Irvine

Register of Model Flying Instructors.

Instruction is available to members by arrangement. Please contact the Club Captain( to make a convenient time and to discuss the process to gain your wings badge, Sit Advanced Wings badges or Large Model Endorsements.
The club has a ” Have a Go ” Model aircraft for use on a buddy box system (two transmitters) with a Current instructor  by arrangement. This will allow you to determine if Aero Modelling is your thing. You can have up to Three tries before deciding to join the club.

Current instructors:

Mode One;( For Fliers who use Throttle on Right stick)
Chris Miller

Stewart Irvine

Corey Westhall –

Grant Domigan

Adam Butler

Mode Two;
Greg Priest
Kaden Newman
Wally Holt-Pederson

Helicopter Instructor
Bradley Smith


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