Up Coming Events 2022 2023

Highbrook Aero Modellers Event Calendar 2022-23

Highbrook Events

To promote the sport and offer some incentive to all types of flyers we have four types of events in the calendar.

Club Days. 

These are specifically to promote our club pilots with themes that might just get you to dust off an old plane and give a fly.
It is a theme, NOT and open day, so there is no organised comps or events, and if you don’t have a plane for the theme, bring what you have.

Open Days.

As has always been in the past, this is a chance for pilots from other clubs or organisations, including Park Flyers to come and join in a flying day and demo their best or most interesting planes.

General open days are for everything and of course the warbirds open day is for warbirds

Competition Days.

As the name suggests, for those that want to fly aerobatic competition, we have the IMAC Basic and Beginner and the Scale Aerobatic.

Social Day.

Something a little new, we are going to have a social day when the weather settles in the New Year.  A get together, some barbeque food, and hopefully some great conversation at the end of a nice summers day.

3rd December 2022 *Postponed due weather 9th Apr* Social Day BBQ

11 December 2022 Club Day Mini Scale Day

8 January 2023 Club Day Fun Fly Day

29 January Competition Scale Competition

5th March 2023 Open Day Warbirds

9 April 2023 Club Day / BBQ 9am till 3pm

15 April 2023 *Postponed* Community Open Day

External Events

10 /11December 2022 NZRCAA ClassicPattern – Waharoa 2 day event

1 Jan 2023 MFNZ 75th Nationals Clareville

21 January 2023 NSMAC Warbirds Open Day

21 January 2023 BOP Aerobatic Champs – Tect Park

24 February 2023 The Rumble Awatoto

11 March 2023 Waikato Aerobatic Champs

25 March 2023 New Plymouth Aerobatic Champs

1 April 2023 Kaikohe Aerobatics

Watch for dates for

Warbirds over Awatoto ANZAC Jet Meet Hamilton MAC Float Days

LMANZ schedule

25/26 February 2023 North Shore MAC

15/16 April 2023 New Plymouth MAC

6/7 May 2023 Matamata-Piako Model Aero Club