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Large Model wings category explained

Often I get asked by members as to what really constitutes a LM (Large Model) and what wings category is needed to fly them.

I have attempted to clarify these questions to the best of my understanding and in line with the current rules and draft rules in the waiting.

The LM category came into being in two parts and over many years.

Firstly the older MANZ specifications, which are;

Wingspan is required to be at least 2 meters for mono-planes and 1.5 meters for bi-planes or tri-planes. Additionally true quarter scale models and models where the sum of the wingspan and length is at least 3.5 meters are accepted to accommodate small prototypes and jet types.

The second part came with the advent of CAA part 101 which added the following classes into the LM section.

3.2 Large Models: Model aircraft that fall within the categories detailed below:-

(a) Category 1: Models 15kg – 25kg with fuel Authority is delegated to MFNZ by CAA to issue Permits to Fly to owners of radio controlled model aircraft in the weight range 15kg – 25kg with fuel. It is illegal under NZ law for models of this weight to be flown without written permission from MFNZ.

(b) Category 2: Models 25kg – 100kg with fuel CAA authorizes MFNZ to manage the certification process and to issue written permits to owners of pilotless aircraft in the range 25kg – 100kg with fuel, to be flown for recreational use only. MFNZ has sole authority from CAA to inspect such aircraft, and to issue Permits to Fly at Public Sites, relating to aircraft/pilot combinations.

(c) Category 3: Models less than 15kg but with IC motors 75cc, Turbines 130N or electric motors 5,000 watts input or larger

All of the above Large Models need the LM wings category to operate these models without been under supervision.

I should add that the weights listed above now  include the fuel load whereas previously the weight was taken without fuel. This will probably put some models, that were close to 15kg in Cat.1, may find that they are now over 15kg with fuel and into Cat.2.

Follow these links for more information (current wings program) (draft of new wings program)